Watch Kendra Wilkinson s Long Distance Relationship Strategy On TV


Glamour model Kendra Wilkinson planned a ‘Skype Date’ with husband Hank Baskett on the latest episode of reality television series ‘Kendra’. The last episode which went on air last Sunday night saw Kendra Wilkinson sharing an online date with hubby Hank while he was away in Minnesota. Now this is how you keep up the spice in a long distance relationship isn’t it? In the latest episode of ‘Kendra’, we first see Kendra Wilkinson partying hard to cheer up her personal assistant Eddie. And then when she sits in front of her laptop to speak to footballer hubby Hank Baskett, they share a very personal moment when the player shows off his chest to his wife, thus forcing her to come back to him on a late night ‘Skype Date’ after she has put the baby to sleep.

Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett

Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett

The 19th December episode of ‘Kendra’ sees the former model partying at the gay pride festival Out Fest in Philadelphia in the company of her assistant Eddie. Not only did Kendra Wilkinson party hard, she also shopped hard for rainbow beaded wigs and played hard with a whip!

It was when she reached home after a long day of partying hard that she shared the day’s details with hubby Hank Baskett, who quite naturally was not interested in her talks regarding Eddie or the Out Fest. Instead, the footballer chose to indulge into some romance with his wife who unfortunately had to leave the conversation midway to tend to her baby, but not before promising to come back soon for a naughty Skype date! — Sampurn