Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th September 2016 full episode written update: Kartik wonders why Naira is behaving so oddly!


By Manisha Nandrajog

The episode starts with Mishti telling a dream to Kartik (Mohsin Khan) about his proposal to Naira. He proposes to Naira (Shivangi Joshi) and he says I will be aback in a minute. Kartik fall from the stairs and Naira comes in an angry avatar. She says I only thought of you as a friend and how dare you. The dream ends and Mishti tells it’s very hard to propose to Naira. Kartik drops water on Mishti by mistake and says sorry for it. Mishti says it’s her punishment as she played a prank him. H says no its okay the stain will get covered. Naira overhears their conversation and says you are an expert in covering up stuff Kartik. He says I have big secrets hidden in my heart.

Mishti leaves…Kartik says we will enjoy in Switzerland. Naira says we’ll go and see who will enjoy and how much. Dust flies and hurt Naira’s eye. Kartik removes his handkerchief to help her, she says its okay I don’t want your help, I can see everything CLEARLY (pun). Naira skids on carpet and falls. Kartik yells at her and cleans her eyes. The song Yeh Rishta plays… Naira says its fine now and leaves.

Someone delivers a ticket to Switzerland on Akshara’s (Hina Khan) name, she thinks it a mistake. Gayu (Kanchi Singh) says it must be a misunderstanding, Akshara tells her to cancel the ticket. Akshara starts to hear Naitik’s (Vishal Singh) voice. Naitik says, Akshara please come to me I miss you, help me. Akshara gets tensed about Naitik.

Naksh (Rohan Mehra) comes and says he has to stay here and can’t go Switzerland because some inspectors are coming. Akshara says I understand you need to be here. Kartik says there is a problem the models will get there at day two; someone will have to stay here and bring the models later. Naksh says I can’t go. Naira shouts at Kartik for being so irresponsible. Kartik says I will stay, Naira think he is very smart but I won’t let you stay Kartik. Akshara says I will come. She says it is Gayu’s dream and very important .Naksh leaves in tension.

Naksh opens a can of cold drink and starts to drink in anger. Kartik comes there and tells him, I understand your situation and why you are tensed. He says two sisters in an unknown place with …read more

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