Why are you not seen on Bidaai these days, any specific reason?

I have been suffering from Chicken Pox so; I haven’t been able to shoot for Bidaai.

Oh! So what precautions are you undertaking, as this is a very infectious disease?

I have to take a lot of precaution and I am forced to stay indoors, since it’s a disease that spreads fast. I have put neem leaves on my bed, and all over my room. Neem leaves avoids the infection from spreading to other family members, and is also said to have great healing properties. I’m also following a diet suggested by doctors, taking rest and hoping to resume shoot as soon as possible. STAR Plus and the production team have been very cooperative and have somehow managed to rework the script and have shown me as having gone to my mauseri nani’s house.


Do share with us your most memorable moment on Bidaai.

My recent most memorable moment in Bidaai was when Alekh stops the wedding between Sadhana and Shlok. He realizes his love for Sadhana and gets remarried to her. It was very intense as Alekh declares his love. The track is now at a very interesting point as Shlok and Sadhana try to unravel the mystery of Alekh’s disturbed state of mind.

Now that you are taking rest at home, what shows do you watch on TV?

I rarely watched TV due to long hours at shoot. Even now, though I’m at home, I haven’t been able to catch up on shows, as the doctor has restricted me from watching TV. It puts a lot of stress on my eyes.

Would you like to say something to your well-wishers?

I have been receiving many calls and mails from my fans who are wishing that I have a speedy recovery. I want to thank them for that and hope to recover soon with their prayers and return on the sets this week.- Sampurn