Phir Bhi Na Maane…Badtameez Dil review: Mere Nishaan and the pretty Asmita Sood are the only saving graces in this drab love story gone wrong


By Sreeju Sudhakaran

Contrived plot, hammy performances and been-there-done-that situations strike in the pilot episode of Star Plus’ new offering!

Another show comes up that has its title inspired from a popular Hindi track. Phir Bhi Na Maane…Badtameez Dil is about what happens when two ex-lovers work together in an explosive work environment after sharing a torrid past. Did it make a mark in its pilot episode? Let’s find out…


The show starts off with Abeer Malhotra (Pearl V Puri) straining his throat on a Atif Aslam song for a show on the channel he is working on. Apparently, his show is the only thing that works for his channel (it’s a Hindi serial, strange things happen!). Though he is quite popular and talented, Abeer is addicted to heavy drinking and even takes a sip and more at his workplace, which his boss coolly allows! But his ‘normal’ life takes a turn when Meher Purohit (Asmita Sood) joins the channel as the new CEO. Both of them shared a romantic past a few years ago, that didn’t end up good for either of them or their family members. With her joining there, there are moments dedicated to their apparent friction. We are then shown a flashback of their college days, where Meher enters the college for the first time during Holi celebrations and is immediately dunked into a tank full of water by Abeer (I thought Holi comes by college year end…why does anyone join there at that time?). The channel owner throws a party for the new CEO, from where she is accosted and taken away by her ex-flame, Abeer. At his place, they share a few fiery words about their past, including the facts that …read more

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