Kasam full episode 23rd August, 2016 written update: Tanuja reaches Rishi’s office while Bani and Neha argue endlessly!


By Urmimala Banerjee

History kind of repeats itself out here

Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) sleeps holding Tannu’s (Kratika Sengar) and thinks she is somewhere. Neha (Renee Dhyani) is shocked to know that her daughters Vidhi and Nidhi have not met Nakul, Rishi’s nephew so far. She and her mom, Bani (Roma Bali) are chatting on phone. Bani says Rano (Vibha Chibber) has kept them in the store room and they have just three days. Neha tells her daughters that she will come there to teach them how to hook Nakul. She wonders about asking Sandy (Shahraan Singh) to go to Mumbai. Bani tells her that tell him that Tanuja (Shivani Tomar) had an accident. She says Tanuja really met with an accident. Neha also tells her mother that she wants to check out Rishi.

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Beeji comes to Rishi’s room and sees the dupatta. She asks if it is Tannu’s. He is quiet. She says she won’t tell him to forget her as his life is gifted to him by her but he has stopped living it. He has become so bitter now. She says she feels she will die without seeing him happy. Rishi tells her not to talk like this and goes up to freshen up. Beeji says she will go to temple to pray for that girl who will make her grandson happy.

Neha comes to Sandy’s room and is about to wake up him but stops remembering that he slapped her. He gets up and she is before the dressing table. Sandy wakes up and heads outside telling Neha that a buffalo is ill. Neha is enraged. She calls up Bani who says that she has to mention about Tanuja’s accident to take him there. Sandy also tells Neha that she did wrong thing by sending daughters to Mumbai. Bani says it is great if Tanuja gets a job then Rano will know she is getting rent which is possible only after a month. Neha promises to come to Mumbai to get her daughters hitched to Nakul.

Tanuja reaches Rishi’s office where her files slip. One of them gets under his cabin door. She gets them but they blow again. Rishi comes out and steps on one of them. Tanuja is scared that if he reads her name and recognizes her from last night, Rano will throw her out of the house. Rishi …read more

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