Rishma discloses Nehas secrets


It seems that Rishma Rochlani and Neha Sargam essaying on screen friends Divya and Nivedita respectively, of ‘Chaand Chhupa Badal Mein’ had got mingled so well off screen that now each one can divulge any dark secrets of each other. And Rishma has come up with some secrets of Neha which she might not disclose it to any one. Read more.

Rishma Rochlani and Neha Sargam

Rishma Rochlani and Neha Sargam

Rishma says, “As we are shooting with each other since a very long time for the show, we both know each other very well. So I can tell one thing about Neha that she gets scared a lot, she will be the first person to get scared by anything that comes in her way. That does not mean that she only has a fear from any creature, but also while doing anything for the first time makes her go creepy.”

“In fact I will say she is similar to Nivedita in this regard. Like Nivedita gets panicky regarding each and every issue in her life, Neha does the same but after getting used to that she does not turn back and gets ahead with the problem with spirit,” adds Rishma. That was all about the similarity you spoke between Neha and Nivedita, but what about the differences, as being her friend you must know about it very well, “Yes, I know about the contradictions that she shares, Neha as Nivedita is very quite and shy person but Neha in real life will not match Nivedita at any end. She just blasts the atmosphere on sets,” explains Rishma.

Well Neha, next will be your turn to disclose your Rishma’s secret, what say!