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Shakti Kapoor remembers Feroz Khan for the big launch

The late maverick film maker Feroz Khan needs to be credited for giving Shakti Kapoor his proper big launch in a big set up film. We bumped into Shakti Kapoor who expressed his condolences for the actor-filmmaker who passed away few days back and revealed an interesting anecdote about what lead Feroz Khan to cast him in Qurbani (1980).

Mona Singh as Shaani Shanno…

It’s quite known to all that versatile Mona Singh has reached great heights in her career, but come Saturday night and all her fans will see her in a brand new avatar. Mona Singh will be seen as Shaani Shanno, a reporter on C-grade Secrets Channel who is out to cover a high-profile C-grade movie party which has the who’s who of the movie industry… like, there is Shakti Kapoor, Feroze Khan, Subhash Ghai and last but definitely not the least Bobby Darling. Obviously these artists were not present themselves but, it was the stand-up comic Rehman enacting them.