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Sanjay Gupta Once Compared Me To Jennifer Lopez And Buddhdeb Dasgupta Saw Semblance Of Smita Patil In Me. What More Could I Ask For?- Sameera Reddy

On the eve of the release of her latest film Red Alert, Sameera Reddy tells Jyothi Venkatesh that it was director Buddhdeb Dasgupta who had taught her that as an actress can move out of the typical stereo-typed Bollywood film, which does not offer much scope to actresses most of the time.

The Germans Appreciated -Red Alert – Ananth Mahadevan

Ananth Mahadevan directed ‘Red Alert – The War Within’ has made people sit up and take notice worldwide. In last year’s Stuttgart Film Festival, Germany, this drama about Naxalite movement in India received a standing ovation after it was screened as the closing film of the festival. Not just that, it was also hailed by international critics and presented with the ‘Director’s Vision Awards’.