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Supercops v/s SuperVillains: Makers rope in ace stunt choreographer Allan Amin for the show

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Allan has choreographed stunts for films like Main Hoon Na, Dhoom, Rang De Basanti and Race

Bollywood’s popular action choreographer Allan Amin will design stunts for TV show Supercops v/s SuperVillains… Most Wanted, which is set to get a revamp with intense graphics and high-octane action sequences.

The makers of the show, which airs on Life OK, have roped in Amin to choreograph all the stunts for the series which stars Aman Verma and Jesse Randhawa.

Amin, known for stunts in films like Main Hoon Na, Dhoom, Rang De Basanti, Race and Singh is Kinng, said: “(I am) Very excited about doing something on television.”

On the small screen, he has earlier been part of shows like Stunt Mania and 24.

The action choreographer has trained the cast and crew of SuperCops Vs Supervillains with special techniques of sword-fighting and martial arts.

The show is a gripping and fast-paced series, with a mix of action, drama and emotions.

Film Review: Fugly – Ugly More Than Fugly

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Fugly Main cover

Its confused, its very over the top and its very copy of a lot of films. Well we are talking about Kabir Sadanand‘s Fugly.

Kabir Sadanand is a writers delight cause he has let the writing team just copy and copy. From Dil Chahta Hai to Shaitan, Fukrey to Rang De Basanti, Fugly is just a cut paste job of scenes from all these four films.

What’s disappointing about Fugly is the lack of detailing and the way the entire film has been put together. The four kids represent today’s youth and one look at them and anyone can say that today’s youth is far away from the ones projected is Fugly. They do not behave like them neither so they talk like them. Guess the writer has some vague precipitation of today’s youth in mind.

If this was not enough, the character of Chautala (Jimmy Shergill) is as thin and fake as cardboard. With a fake moustache and even more fake body language this one can be one of Jimmy Shergil‘s worst performances.

Of the four friends, we have Dev (Mohit Marwah), the strong and brooding type who runs adventure camps for foreign tourists in Leh; then comes Devi (Kiara Advani) who is very wanna be; Aditya (Arfi Lamba) a very regular loser type of a guy and last and thank god the least Gaurav (Vijender Singh) who loves to throw his wright around.

The gang of four is just all over the place with no detailing what so ever done on their characterisations. The characters are poorly etched, with no story, amateurish screenplay and as far as performances go, well lets not get there.

Mohit Marwah and Kiara Advani are very disappointing; Vijender Singh is not bad as he has a good screen presence but its Arfi Lamba who stands out in the film, as he is the only one who can act.

All in all, a piece of advice to all, wait for next week, save up your monies and watch Humshaklas instead.

Ratings: *

Fugly review: Atrocious mish-mash of Rang De Basanti and Shaitan

Fugly proceeds to treat each of its ideas with utter disdain ruining scene after scene with bad acting, stilted dialogue delivery, and terrible background music

Did you know Sharman Joshi wanted to be a lawyer?

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Sharman Joshi with the success of RANG DE BASANTI, LIFE IN A…METRO, 3 IDIOTS, etc.

Big Roles, Little Acclaim- The Curious Case of Birthday Boy Sharman Joshi

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Sharman Joshi Main cover

The Curious Case of Sharman Joshi. That may well be the title of an autobiography, or biopic of talented actor Sharman Joshi. The handsome star has played a part in several big films throughout his career, but strangely never really got his dues…

Why else would an actor, who’s starred in one of the biggest hits of all time, still be seen in average films, doing bit roles almost? Sharman has had hits like 3 Idiots, Rang De Basanti, Life in a.. Metro in his kitty.

Sharman was born to a middle class Gujarati family in 1979. His family has a pedigree in the acting and performing arts. His father, Arvind Joshi is a certified veteran in Gujarati theatre, while his aunt Sarita Joshi is the famed theatre and TV artist. His sister is Mansi Joshi, the TV star, who is married to actor Ronit Roy.

With such an illustrious background, it was obvious that Sharman would turn to acting. Sharman naturally took to the stage, and appeared in many plays in his college days. Then came the uber popular play, All The Best, which has had a successful stint of 550 shows over the years!

His first film was the 2001 debacle, Style. What was meant to be a youth centric film turned out to be quite the dud, but it got Sharman noticed nevertheless. Sharman then went on to star in films like Lajja, Xcuse Me, Shaadi No. 1 and Golmaal.

But perhaps his career shaping, breakthrough role came in 2006, when he was cast alongside stalwarts like Aamir Khan, Waheeda Rahman and others, in Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra‘s Rang De Basanti. Post which, the offers came pouring in.

Sharman has starred in the ensemble film Life in a.. Metro, which again won him many accolades. Then, in 2009, Sharman got the role of his life, when he was cast as one of the idiots, in 3 Idiots. The film went on to become a mammoth box office hit.

Sharman‘s career, sadly, did not really take off with his super hit films. His last big hit was Ferrari Ki Sawari, in 2012. Since then, he’s been seen in films like War Chod Na Yaar and Gang of Ghosts, not really the money-spinners.

Here’s hoping Sharman bounces back and achieves his former glory, for he certainly is one talented actor. Happy birthday Sharman!


Aamir and UTV team-up again

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It seems, Aamir Khan and Disney UTV, who had previously collaborated on films like Rang De Basanti, Dhobi Ghaat, Delhi Belly and Peepli Live, might take their professional association forward. Buzz is that the company’s head-honcho Siddharth Roy Kapur has met the actor-producer with the script of a serious drama.

‘Dil Maange More’ was a big mistake: Soha Ali Khan

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The girl from a Nawab family, Soha Ali Khan recently made a statement that picking Dil Maange More as her debut film was a big mistake. Soha was well-praised for her role in the movie Rang De Basanti (2006) which

Kunal Kapoor engaged to Naina Bachchan

Actor Kunal Kapoor is off the market ladies. Know this and weep. The Rang De Basanti star is engaged to girlfriend Naina, Amitabh Bachchan’s niece.

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“Bollywood Has Changed And We Are To Be Blamed” – Koimoi Reader’s View

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Krrish 3, Dhoom 3, The Lunchbox and D Day Movie Poster

Bollywood in the last few decades has undergone a massive change. As films have taken up a more experimental pathway, the content has become less soulful, less touching. It has been quite a journey towards celebration of a masaledar Dhoom 3 from a more heartening Rang De Basanti. A Koimoi Reader, Suneil Barkat traces the rugged pathway that has reconstructed Bollywood today.

There was a time when Bollywood movies used to be three hours long, filled with at least 10 songs and used to have a story line that made no sense but still touched our hearts. But, one thing that made us care less about the aforementioned points and leave the theatres with a smile was – The Happys The Endings.

Come 2014 and as more inspiration is drawn from Hollywood, somewhere down the line I believe Bollywood has lost its touch and has lost its way.

Now, before you jump to the comment section and start blasting this article, allow me to present you my perspective and what I actually mean. Take a look at Dhoom 3 or Krrish 3. While the two movies have been the highest grossers and have set new records, look deeper down, inside your heart and tell me if this is what Bollywood means to you?

I admit, that the whole idea of Bollywood movies is to make you escape the reality and enjoy it! But…really!? Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 are awesome movies backed by a stellar cast and their performances. But take a look at movies like The Lunchbox or my personal favourite movie A Wednesday.

Krrish 3, Dhoom 3, The Lunchbox and D Day Movie Poster

For me A Wednesday was a movie that not only managed to convey a strong and important message but it also had some amazing performances by Anupam Kher, Naseeruddin Shah, Aamir Bashir and Jimmy Shergill and moreover with a modest budget. In fact, I feel that it was a movie that the recent film Jai Ho! wanted to be but sadly it failed. It was a film that may not win any awards for originality but in a market saturated with masala films, it seemed fresh. Same can be said for movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Taare Zameen Par, Rang De Basanti that touched the masses. But do you know what the real difference between A Wednesday and Rang De Basanti was? Unfortunately, running after stars is what Bollywood has changed into.

As moviegoers we have been reduced to nothing more than puppets who rush to the cinema halls, only when our favourite actors feature in that film. Chennai Express is a classic example of modern times. Seen in the industry as a game changer and a movie that set new records at that time (now broken by Dhoom 3), CE was heavily promoted by Shah Rukh to the extent that you could not see any reality show/series/advertisement on the Television without SRK.

Honestly, I cannot blame the guy for doing that, he is only marketing the product he put his heart and soul in. But seriously, Chennai Express‘ true success, according to me, lay in its heavy marketing. Nothing else.

Same thing goes for Salman Khan movies, but at least the actor has fun while playing the role and fans enjoy him more than his movies. However, we can’t change the fact that before Jai Ho! and ever since Wanted, his movies have been the same. Why? Fans love it and lap it up.

Another thing which annoys me more is the use of special effects in the fight scene. This is why D Day and Madras Café, even Commando are the most respected ones because the action sequences are believable. But then movies like Son Of Sardaar shows a man flying when hit by Ajay Devgn. I know we are supposed to escape reality and all but when you are not showing Ajay as a superhero, is the special effects really needed?

My point is that yes, there will always be a market for movies like Dhoom 3, Chennai Express and Krrish 3 since they are loved by the masses. But movies like D Day, A Wednesday and The Lunchbox, don’t earn as much because they are not backed by heavy marketing, big stars and special effects.

Bollywood has changed and we are to be blamed for it completely. Let’s admit it! We have been asking, for all these years, that Bollywood movies should change! They should be as sleek and stylish as Hollywood! We should one day meet its standard! And here we are.

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Sharman Joshi Bags Lead Role In Ferrari Ki Sawari

Sharman Joshi is one Bollywood actor, who has been appreciated for his acting talent in various films like Rang De Basanti, Golmaal and 3 Idiots but till today he has only appeared in multi-hero movies. Sharman has excelled as one of those other lead actors but has never been approached with a lead role.