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I Hate Luv Storys- Still Unsold In Mumbai?

One of the most awaited films by the youth across the country today is Karan Johar’s, I Hate Luv Storys. The film is generating a big buzz not only amongst the generation X but also among the trade circles, thanks to its hit music and youthful charm. To top it all it is a Dharma Productions film too. Our trade sources inform us that UTV, which holds the film’s worldwide distribution rights and is the co-producer of the film, has an offer of Rs. 65 million for the distribution rights of Mumbai circuit alone!

Now, her musical debut

Kamal Hassan’s daughter may not have made much of a mark in Bollywood with her debut in Luck, but she does not seem to have lost heart. This time, she is back in a new avatar– that of a music director. The perky Ms Hassan has rented an apartment in Mumbai, and has plans to form a new musical band here. In addition, she has been discussing prospective projects with leading music directors, sources say.

My Name Is Khan ka Emosanal Attyachaar

Action…Drama and loads of ‘rona dhona’ in bolly-flicks is something Indian cinema is renowned for. Touching the chords with right emotional components has been prevalent since a long time. Dreadful death of a positive character due to cancer and tuberculosis would give a filmmaker masala and make audience drown the theater with their woeful tears. Indian cinema has come a long way, and so has the trend of diseases.