Rahul And Priyanka Becomes Man And Wife!


Bengali film actors Rahul and Priyanka was declared man and wife in a wedding ceremony arranged by their parents yesterday. This is surely an achievement in the lives of the lovers who had been living separately and had adopted the live-in relationship only because Priyanka’s parents were averse to her association with Rahul. And though the couple has been sharing almost a husband – wife relationship for the past two years, to be formally wed is a very different experience for them. When asked, Rahul said that he is very excited to tie the knot and carry the ‘married’ tag behind his name.

Rahul And Priyanka

Rahul And Priyanka

So how did it all start for the most talked about couple of the Bengali film industry? Contrary to popular belief that Rahul and Priyanka met and fell in love on the sets of their first film together ‘Chirodini Tumi Je Amar’, the couple had also shared screen space in a couple of Bengali soaps, albeit with Priyanka featuring as Rahul’s sister! The love did begin from there, but Rahul confirms that he initially hated Priyanka, and found her too proud for her own good. Cupid did strike as they gradually started interacting with one another, but then too it was only one-sided, and Priyanka even refused to become his girlfriend when Rahul initially proposed to her!

But the hero that our Rahul Banerjee is, he too did not lose hope, always trying out different methods to win his girl’s heart. Well, Priyanka did agree to be with him two months before they started work on ‘Chirodini Tumi Je Amar’, and the couple has never looked back since then. Ask Priyanka to rate rahul as a lover and pat comes the reply 10 on 10! Rahul too almost refuses to find any fault in the very pretty Bengali girl.

Well, the couple is all set to fly to the Indonesian islands for their honeymoon sometime later. So will it be a happily ever after for Rahul and Priyanka? We can only keep our fingers crossed! –Sampurn