VIP 2 meta review: Critics call Dhanush and Kajol’s corporate showdown as just a rehash of the first part


By Aarti Iyengar

One of the most awaited sequels after Baahubali 2, Vellai Ila Pattathari 2 has finally released. Well, just the Tamil version of the movie has been released. Starring Dhanush and Kajol, the Hindi and Telugu version are set to release on August 18th, next week. We have been super excited about it for various reasons! Firstly, it brings together two powerhouse actors like Dhanush and Kajol. Secondly, it’s the return of 2014 best film. We do have more reasons and you can check them out here. However, while we checked reviews of others, we have been let down a little. Despite the fantastic acting, critics have complained about the plot and character sketches of all of them. Let’s first talk about the story of the film. For all those who don’t know the plot, check it out below.

The Story

VIP 2 is an epilogue of what happens to a BE graduate, Raghuvaran, after he bags a job in his field of interest. Obviously, it’s not going to be an easy ride as he has to compete against the giant conglomerate run by Vasundhara Parameshwar, to stay put in the industry. The trailer has explained the fate of Raghuvaran as he is …read more

Source:: Bollywoodlife