Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 ‘Dragonstone’ review: Lyanna Mormont and Arya Stark are the scene stealers of this blockbuster premiere


By Gaurang Chauhan

After making us wait longer for than usual, the seventh season of Game Of Thrones finally returned. Even though it’ll last just 7 episodes, all the dies hard fans know, it’ll be totally worth it. With just 13 episodes left, stakes are gonna be high from episode 1. So let’s find out, how did the first episode go…

What’s It About

With Starks back being the King Of The North, led by Ned Stark’s bastard Jon Snow and Sansa Stark by his side, they are preparing their army and allies for the Winter, which is here and the White Walkers that are soon expected to arrive with it. While Jon is a righteous King and believe and follows what is right, Sansa is more of a practical one. They have their conflict, which leaves a smile on Little Finger’s face. The episode followed Bran’s journey to the wall, Euron Greyjoy to the King’s Landing, Sam’s chronicles being the maester in training, Hound’s face/off with fire and Daenerys Targaryen march to Dragonstone along with Tyrion Lannister. Also read: Dubai based bakery makes the world’s most expensive cake as a tribute to Game Of Thrones and its MVP Tyrion Lannister – watch video

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