Video: Former Bigg Boss Contestant Om Swami Beaten Up Badly!


By BusinessofCinema News Network

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Swami is back in the news and this time, the reason will make you happy.

Trust former Bigg Boss 10 contestant, Om Swami to stir up a controversy at any given time and at any place. Since his infamous exit from the Bigg Boss house, Om Swami has always managed to be in the news for all the wrong reasons. He managed to grab all the limelight for some or other reason. However, this Friday, crowd caught hold of him and what happened next was much-needed.

On the occasion of Nathu Ram Godse’s birth anniversary, Om Swami attended a program, which was conducted in Delhi’s Vikas Nagar area. During the event, Om Swami went on to then stage to give a speech. As soon as he started to give a quick speech, few people in the crowd grew agitated and headed to hit him. Even females raised their voice against Om Swami as he has been the most disrespectful person towards women.

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The crowd was upset on Om Swami invited for the birth anniversary of such a great personality, which according to them was a big insult. The crowd asked him …read more