This Thought-Provoking Statement By Salman Khan Is Making Headlines


By Team

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, whose new movie Tubelight has a war backdrop, says wars between nations can come to an end if those who order wars are sent to the front with guns.

“I think those who order war should be sent to the war front, given guns and asked to fight first. It will stop in one day. Their hand and feet will start trembling… It will stop and they will go straight to the table and have discussions,” Salman told media on Tuesday.

Those who order war must be given guns, sent to war front: Salman Khan

Tubelight“, directed by Kabir Khan, dwells on the 1962 border conflict between India and China. Salman features in the movie with Sohail.

“We have used the India-China war as a backdrop for the film. We’ve only touched that the war should get over soon so as that our soldiers come back to us and their soldiers go back to their country. Whenever a war happens, soldiers from both sides die, leaving many families without their sons or fathers,” Salman added.

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