Sohail Khan Supports Brother Salman Khan, Says Bhai’s Opinion As A Common Man


By BusinessofCinema News Network

Sohail Khan defends brother Salman over his anti-war comment.

When Salman Khan is not acting in movies or promoting them, he is commenting on topics that are bound to spark controversies. On keen observation, it seems Salman is followed by controversies everywhere even if he doesn’t intend to start any. Recently, Salman again made headlines for his views on war.

He reportedly said, “War is not a sensible move. Nobody benefits from a war. People who order war should be given guns and made to fight. Within a day, all conflicts will get over as their legs will start shaking. In war, the armies of both sides lose their lives. Families lose their sons/fathers. They have to live their whole lives without them.” The mid-day reported that Khan’s comment has not been taken well by many people around the nation. His attitude about speaking his mind has once again created a rift between many people and also resulted in debates on various news channels and also on social media pages. The Sultan actor has also been misquoted by some media houses.

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Sohail Khan, when questioned about this issue was heard saying, ”A lot of importance is …read more