Sofia Hayat Blocks Ex-Boyfriend Rohit Sharma On Twitter!


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Bollywood & Cricket have always been a killer combo. While not all relationships in the showbiz materialize, a few of them surely make up for interesting headlines, pretty much like this one. British-Indian model Sofia Hayat is known for coming up with the weirdest of things. After her stint as a nun, she recently tied the knot with Vlad Stanescu.

In her newest quest for some publicity, she took to Twitter to block her ex-boyfriend, Indian Cricketer Rohit Sharma, that too nearly five years post their break-up.

Sofia Hayat Blocks Ex-Boyfriend Rohit Sharma On Twitter!

She posted a picture of Rohit’s account with the ‘Block’ option popping up and wrote, ‘So I had to block him in the end..”

It is the same platform, where she had earlier announced her break-up in 2012. She has tweeted then, “Ok let’s put the rumours to end..yes I dated rohit sharma.. now it’s over.. I wouldn’t date him again..this time I’m looking for a gentleman.”

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