Kriti Sanon Shouts Out Loud


By BusinessofCinema News Network

Kriti Sanon before every intense scene…on set releases the energy by shouting it out which helps the actress get into a particular zone.

The actress Kriti Sanon is just two films old is discovering her own process of delivering intense sequences in films. Whenever the actress to about to shoot one, she has a process of releasing all her energy and tension out of the zone and give the shot. This particular method helps the actress gets into the mindset and the zone both physically and mentally.

Before every such shot, Kriti first screams her energy out and gets set into her character’s behavior.

The actress was appreciated for her debut film performance itself in Heropanti

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when asked Kriti, she shared, “Everyone has their own process. For me, I think of what the character must be feeling before a scene and in that moment. For intense scenes, depending on scene I sometimes just walk really fast or listen to a particular song that puts me in that zone. In Raabta, we were in a mansion and there was an intense scene between me and Jim. Just before the take every time I used to scream my lungs …read more