Dhinchak Pooja’s Videos Deleted From YouTube, Twitterati Reacts!


By BusinessofCinema News Network

Kathappa Singh, a netizen is a reason behind Dhinchak Pooja’s songs being deleted from YouTube.

Tuesday evening came as a shock for the internet ‘singing sensation’ Dhinchak Pooja. The ‘self-proclaimed’ singer’s videos have been deleted from her YouTube channel, except the new song ‘Dilon Ka Shooter’. If someone intends to check her channel, you will get this message there: ‘This channel has no videos’.

The credit for this goes to Kathappa Singh, a user who allegedly reported her songs for copyright violation. No one knows who this Kathappa man is, but everyone is appraising him even then. He is being thanked for giving the netizens their ‘Acche Din’. Dhinchak Pooja was an ‘internet sensation’ and her videos had 30 million+ views. If reports are to be believed, she was earning 2-4 lakhs per month thanks to her ‘superhit’ videos. Now, her 178,996 subscribers won’t be able to hear her awesome or insane songs, whichever you want to go with.

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YouTube private policy states that you can request removal of a video if someone uploads a video of you without your consent. It is being speculated that this Kathappa Singh spotted himself in one of her videos …read more

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