Attention Hackers & Trolls! Here’s The Trailer Of Cybersquad


By Team

ALTBalaji announces the release of its new digital show Cybersquad. The show will explore the dark side of internet – a world where hackers hide behind their laptop screens to attack innocent people. The gripping storyline of Cybersquad resonates with the life of every internet user.

We are living in an age where our identities belong to internet companies and nothing we do is offline! The paranoia that comes with online presence is real; everyday cases of trolling, identity theft, frauds, etc. indicates the impending menace of epidemic level. The young, technically savvy team of Cybersquad is here to provide answers and solve complex cyber-crime cases.

Check out the teaser:

How difficult is it to protect youngsters and early users from the tyranny of online abusers and hackers? In this riveting drama, we need a team like Cybersquad; the characters KD, Rocky, Uzi and Tia have come to fight cybercrimes and they would stop at nothing. This team of school friends help police and law enforcement officials to decode the complicated cases of online crimes and expose the hidden criminals.

Attention hackers and trolls! ALTBalaji’s Cybersquad is here!

Each one of the team members has expertise in one area- be …read more