Selena Gomes Find Justin Bieber A Good Kid And Wants To Protect Him!

The teen sensation Justin Bieber is again hitting the headlines but not for his performance or any new album. The 16 year old pop star rules the heart of all the young ladies but he has never been serious about any of his so-called relations. There has been a rumor since a long time about his closeness with fellow singer Selena Gomez.

America Bids Farewell To Captain Beefheart Via Twitter

Several celebrities across the United States bid adieu to musician and painter Captain Beefheart through personalized posts on Twitter after the artiste passed away at the age of 69 succumbing to multiple sclerosis. It was the Michael Werner Gallery in New York, where Captain Beefheart exhibited a number of his paintings over the years that first made the news of his death official. Captain Beefheart, born as Don Van Vliet was a highly acclaimed artist of the 1960s and 1970s America, though it was painting that he was engaged in in years preceding his death.

Willow Smith – What s Her Latest Hairstyle?

The 10 years old daughter of Will Smith, Willow Smith, has made quite a few headlines with her hairstyles alone. She even did it up like Rihanna. The latest hair style flaunted by this ‘Whip My Hair’ singer is the very popular Beatle’s bowl cut. She was seen with this new hairdo at New York’s Madison Square Garden where she arrived for the annual Jingle Bell on Tuesday.

Lady GaGa Goes Bra-Less For Stage Performance

Pop singer Lady GaGa is well known for her sense of fashion, well, for her strange tastes in fashion, but this one probably surpassed all! The singer was lately in London to stage a performance at the O2 Arena. When its Lady GaGa performing on stage, people keep both their ears and their eyes open as she will predictably turn out in a shocker dress before belting out her tracks to entertain the audience. And that is exactly what Lady GaGa did at the O2 Arena in London. She came dressed in a see through dress for her stage performance.

Miley Cyrus Is Back With A Bang!

Miley Cyrus is in the news again but this time she took everyone by surprise when TMZ recently uploaded a video of the teenage sensation smoking salvia. Miley is a role model for many teenagers who almost idol worship her, so quite naturally her videos sent shock waves all across the world. Miley is unperturbed by all their actions and she recently remarked that she really does not bother about the video. Miley also added that she is enjoying her life and she has attained the legal age to do it. In an interview Miley commented that she took to smoking salvia after she saw a guy resembling Liam Hemsworth. The memories with Liam came rushing back to Miley and she resorted to salvia. Miley’s friends have also added that such repercussions do not really bother her. Miley has already started shooting for her latest movie ‘So Undercover’ with Kelly Osbourne.