Project Las Vegas To Bring In Innovation

Project is thrilled to proclaim its development. The industry is altering thanks to several large shifts in the worldwide economy. There is an important requirement for a fresh and all-encompassing style entity, something that would be designed to drive commerce, support originality, and commerce development and also at the same time be able to expose and teach the industry as well as the consumers. Project intends to do all such things.

Alex Skolnick Gets Out Of Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Guitar virtuoso, Alex Skolnick has announced his departure from Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He says that every year it has been an amazing experience, touring from arena to arena being an important part of the largest symphonic rock production in history. He says that this year, he however has to take a difficult decision and leave the group.

Shor Bazaar Ka Shor!!

You have always seen Lord Krishna and Radha dancing to the tunes of many hymns. But have you ever imagined this love submerged pair tapping their feet to rock music? Wouldn’t it be a fascinating sight? The rock band Shor Bazaar is coming up with such an enthralling blend of songs and music. Unlike its name, the music of this band would be melodious and soothing. The compositions of this ‘Shor Band’ are a beautiful blend of Hindi, Indian classical, and western music.