Miley Cyrus: Double Celebrations Coming Up!

Miley Cyrus has shed her sweet teenage persona and got bolder. Miley seems to have matured a lot from her ‘Hannah Montana’ days. .Her sense of style has undergone complete makeover. In her latest flick ‘Big Bang’ Miley has a lip lock scene with Kevin Zegers. The scene has made Miley quite uncomfortable as Kevin is her friend’s boyfriend and that made her feel embarrassed.

Is Jessica Sutta And James Blunt Dating?

This is the question being asked ever since the couple was spotted together at a bar in Los Angeles after the performance of singer James Blunt at Drai’s Club. A source very close to the duo opines that both James Blunt and Jessica Sutta were very comfortable in each other’s company inside the bar. After the initial exchange of words, James Blunt did not waste time and immediately purchased drinks for Jessica Sutta, the couple choosing a very private corner of the bar, away from prying eyes to share their drinks.

Rihanna Bares All For Loud Cover Shoot, Faces Negative Reaction From Media

You may have seen Rihanna bare it all for her music videos before, but this one has come with a difference, with the pop star reportedly drawing negative reaction from the media with the promotional shoot of her latest music album. The album has already hit stands and two singles from Rihanna’s latest music album ‘Loud’ is currently at the top of US and UK music charts. That, however, does not mean that Rihanna has put a halt to the promotional work of ‘Loud’.

Michael Jackson: First Posthumous Album Hold My Hand Released

Michael Jackson’s ‘Hold My Hand’ was officially released yesterday; this is the first posthumous single of the singer. The song features R&B singer Akon, he has recorded the song with Jackson in Las Vegas way back in 2007, however, it didn’t see the light because Michael felt it was not ready for the release. Akon, however, feels differently about the song as he went back to the studio to master it up for the release.