Lady Gaga Gets Molested By A French Fan

American pop singer Lady Gaga who was in the French capital, Paris in the recent past to attend the Monster Ball Concert where she was scheduled to stage a performance last Sunday, the 19th of December, was reportedly groped by one of her fans who had come to greet the singer outside her hotel in Paris. According to reports from the French media, a large number of people had accumulated in front of the hotel where Lady Gaga had been putting up in Paris to greet and meet the singer who is slowly making a mark in fashion circles as well.

Shania Twain Is Happy To Marry Again!

Pop singer Shania Twain is a very happy woman these days. She has found new love in Frederic Thiebaud. According to a statement released to the media by the singer’s manager, Shania Twain will tie the knot soon with Frederic Thiebaud who popped the question after being engaged to Shania Twain for a couple of months now. Frederic Thiebaud is the same person whose wife had an affair with Shania Twain’s ex husband.

Selena Gomes Find Justin Bieber A Good Kid And Wants To Protect Him!

The teen sensation Justin Bieber is again hitting the headlines but not for his performance or any new album. The 16 year old pop star rules the heart of all the young ladies but he has never been serious about any of his so-called relations. There has been a rumor since a long time about his closeness with fellow singer Selena Gomez.