Guess Who Is Willow Smith s Idol?

Rihanna is an inspiration for young minds and the latest to join the list is Willow Smith. Willow Smith is a great admirer of the star and she has even compared herself to Rihanna. Willow Smith and Rihanna share the same stylist Mariel Haenn. In an interview to 97.9 The Box, Smith added that she thinks Rihanna hair is great and she would love to be a baby Rihanna.

Justin Timberlake Shifting Base To New York?

Pop music star Justin Timberlake, who has featured on the late night SNL show for four episodes, has expressed a desire to make another appearance on the ‘Saturday Night Live’ show for a full season, but cannot make himself available for the show at the present moment owing to his busy schedules. Justin Timberlake has just completed work on his latest film assignment ‘The Social Network’, a possible frontrunner in next year’s Academy Awards, and now has his hands full with music. But he will definitely return to the sets of ‘Saturday Night Live’ in the future.

Cash And Partners In Way Of A R Rahman Music School

A R Rahman is one of the most renowned music composers not only in India but around the world as well. And so it may seem that a music school to be opened by the musician would get the required amount of help, financially and otherwise, in a very short span of time. Disappointingly, the case is not so. According to reports circulating in the media, the Rs. 50 crore music conservatory that A R Rahman had proposed to build in India will take some time to be built because it is becoming difficult for the composer to collect the required amount of cash and decide on the right people who may take care of the administration of the music school.

Nicole Scherzinger Rocks The X Factor Stage!

Nicole Scherzinger, who had come as a guest judge on reality television show ‘The X Factor’, completely rocked the stage with her ‘Pussycat Dolls’ act. Dressed in a cat-suit and knee-high boots, Nicole Scherzinger won the attention of not only her fans who had tuned in to the show, but also the other judges of ‘The X Factor’. The cat-suit clad American singer performed live to her latest single ‘Poison’ for ‘The X Factor’ viewers.