Mark Zuckerberg Sundar Pichai to raise foundation for Ramanujan


By Subhash K. Jha On Saturday night at the billionaire Russian entrepreneur and founder of Digital Skies Technologies Yuri Milner’s home in Silicon Valley, a screening was held of the Indian mathematics genius Srinivasa Ramanujan’s new bio-pic The Man Who Knew Infinity directed by Matthew Brown.

The who’s-who of America’s moneyed and powered super-elite came out of the screening teary-eyed and somber-mooded.

Says a source close to the film’s production, “Sundar Pichai (CEO Google), Sergey Brin (founder Google), Mark Zuckerberg (founder Facebook), Salman Khan (Khan Academy) , Brandon Irebe (Oculus rift founder), and some other fifty ‘1 percenters’ of Silicon Valley were at Yuri Milner’s house in (most expensive house in America). Yuri hosted a very private screening and dinner for the film. And they came out tears.”

Some of those who saw this deeply moving film on the life of mathematician who journeyed from anonymity in his village in Tamil Nadu to everlasting fame in England have pledged to form a foundation in Ramanujan’s name. These include Mark Zukerberg and Sundar Pichai. …read more

Source:: BollywoodHungama