It was a collective setback for the music industry world over when the news broke around Michael Jackson’s untimely death. Musicians and singers from Bollywood were no different as they came together to mourn over the big loss.

Pritam – It’s a sad day in the history of world music. May his soul rest in peace. We have lost a hero but Michael Jackson is immortal. Through his music, his legacy will live forever. Ironically, I am working on a project which needs funk pop music. So at least ten times a day, I keep telling this to my musicians – ‘Let’s make it like MJ’, ‘Let’s do it the way MJ would have done it’ It’s so sad. He was so young. It’s so hard to believe that he is no more.

Sunidhi Chauhan – Michael Jackson’s demise is the biggest loss ever to the music industry.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Shankar Mahadevan – No one can fill the musical void that has been created due to his death. We will miss the ultimate performer, the ultimate pop icon, the ultimate combination of mass entertainment and musical brilliance. God bless his soul.

Ehsaan Noorani – Michael Jackson, please say hello from all of us to Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, Jaco Pastorius, Miles Davis, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Rick Wright and to all those brilliant musicians like yourself who are attending that biggest jam session in the sky !!!!! Rock On

Himesh Reshammiya – He was a true legend, an inspiration to perform like a genuine superstar. May his soul rest in peace.

Vishal Dadlani – I am broken. Goodbye, Michael Jackson. The one thing we never let you be was human. You went from being a God to an alien to a demon, but if we remember you for anything but your music, the failing will be ours. Sorry for all the harassment, thank you for all the music.

Shekhar Ravjiani – There can be only one Michael Jackson. It’s hard to believe that he is no more. I was so looking forward to his show; more so because it was on the same venue where I had performed on ‘Unforgettables’ tour with the Bachchans last year. It would have been a surreal feeling to now be a part of the audience and seeing Michael on the same stage. He has been an inspiration for so many musicians out there and is one of the main reasons why I too became one. He has been a true icon.

Sophie Chaudhary – It’s hard to express this feeling of great loss. An inspiration, a pure genius, a musician par excellence and the greatest entertainer that the world ever saw. I feel privileged to have seen him LIVE four times and heartbroken that I won’t be able to see him again. He has touched everyone through his music and will live on forever in our hearts. Just as his song says – “Never Can Say Goodbye”

Anand Raj Anand – A magician of dance and music is gone. He saw real success, got the price of success and also paid the price for success. It’s unbelievable that the genius is no more.

Mithoon – I remember seeing his clips where thousands of people would be desperate to touch him. Other than his unique music, he will always be remembered for his amazing style of music which he did with Quincy Jones.

Sidharth (of Sidharth-Suhas duo) – May he rest in peace. He lives on in the hearts of the millions.

Pranay M Rijia – 25th June is day the music died.

Shweta Pandit – Apologies to the Legendary Michael for all the harassment caused to him by certain people in his last years. Its a shame; the same people have realized his worth and are now making up for it. He is the Greatest Singer, Performer and Artist that the World witnessed in the last decades. He is a Genius, and lived like one.. “You’re not alone, am here with you, though your far apart, your always in my heart” Saluting MJ.