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Rajneeti- Shocks- Next Only To -3 Idiots

All predictions about ‘Rajneeti’ have failed. Yes, it was supposed to be a good film. Yes, it did carry good expectations. Yes, it did have a pan-India appeal. Yes, it did promise a good opening. But no, just about no one expected it to enjoy the second best opening ever after ’3 Idiots’. ’3 Idiots’, did I say? That’s right! ‘Rajneeti’ took an astonishing start and that too of such a scale that it ended up enjoying 34 crores (yes, your read it right) from the first weekend. This is simply unbelievable because in the process of doing so, it has also broken the records by ‘Kites’ and before that ‘Housefull’ which was at the third place till not many moons back.

Housefull And Badmaash Company- Gain As Kites Comes Down

No new release in the week prior to the arrival of ‘Rajneeti’ was bound to benefit ‘Housefull’ as well as ‘Badmaash Company’. This was pretty much seen with regular moviegoers queuing up all over again for the last two films. The result was there to be seen as ‘Housefull’ as well as ‘Badmaash Company’ enjoyed an extended run with a bare minimum fall from the prior week.

Rajneeti’ To Bring Out Industry From The Dumps?

Till about a year back, if someone would have stated that a Prakash Jha film would possibly revive an ailing Bollywood, he would have been scoffed at. However, given the current situation when the film promises a solid content coupled with a very strong cast (comprising of both stars as well as talent), ‘Rajneeti’ is pretty much being looked as a saviour here. ‘Rajneeti’ has become really hot over last two months and with every passing day, there has been huge curiosity build up around this political drama.

Feature- A week of no new releases results in empty houses

Ever since the strike which took place last year, there has been one common phenomenon week after week. There is a constant inflow of garbage that has taken place practically every Friday. The truth though was that in majority of instances, shows had to be cancelled on the opening day or at maximum the films were discontinued by the time first weekend got to a close. Still, nondescript films like ‘Meri Padosan’, ‘Coffee House’, ‘Ek Se Bure Do’ or more recently ‘Kuch Kariye’, ‘Muskurake Dekh’ or ‘Vroom’ have made it to the theaters. This shows that there has been no dearth of software, whether good or bad, in the industry. Some of these films have waited for a period when there are no big releases, some have battled the Ramzan/Shraddh time period while a few (case in point being ‘Chase’) have even dared to come face to face with a biggie (‘Housefull’). However, for the first time in last 12-15 months, there has been a situation when not a single notable film (you read it right) arrived in theaters.

With dozens of disasters, can’t Bollywood take direct-to-DVD’ route?

Priyadarshan now has one of the biggest flops ever of his Bollywood journey in the form of ‘Bumm Bumm Bole’ but surprisingly even the failure of the film hasn’t made any news whatsoever. Now this is even worse because it only goes on to show that no one even cared if this Darsheel Safary film found an audience for itself or not. The film was panned by critics, rejected by audience who bothered to watch it over the weekend and was totally off everyone’s mind as the week progressed.

Negative word of mouth mars the flight of ‘Kites

While the entire world was going gaga (rightly so) over the fact that ‘Kites’ was all set to take the biggest opening of the season, it was only at this column where slight apprehension around the state of affairs was first highlighted last week. It came with a reason too rather than any element of cynicism. Yes, given the hype around the film, star power of Hrithik Roshan and obvious excitement of seeing Barbara Mori on screen, ‘Kites’ was always all set to be a big summer outing. However, too many cooks in case of ‘Kites’ did make one fear if the dish would be spoiled, case in point being ‘Trimurti’ which was mentioned in last week’s column.

Deepika talks about her look in Ashu s film

Ever since Deepika Padukone’s saree clad look in ‘Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey’ was released a way back, there have been widespread reactions in the industry. People have stood up and noticed the new look Deepika who till just a few weeks back was seen in a bikini for ‘Housefull’. However, just as the makers of ‘Housefull’ and ‘Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey’ come with different sensibilities, so is being reflected in the subject as well as character presentation.

Kites- all set to take biggest opening of 2010

As things stand today, ‘Kites’ should take one of the biggest opening of the year so far. There is no reason why this Hrithik Roshan starrer shouldn’t find itself in the same bracket as ‘Housefull’ and ‘My Name Is Khan’, the two films that have hovered around the 30 crore mark as far as the first weekend collections in India are concerned. While it is a given that Hrithik will break the record of ‘Dhoom 2′ as far as opening is concerned, it has to be seen that what kind of distance does the film travels after the first weekend euphoria is over.