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Charlize Theron, Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks will play the mother to the younger version of Charlize Theron. (Source: Reuters)

Christina Hendricks said she is fine with playing Charlize Theron's mother in Gillian Flynn's film adaptation of “Dark Places”. The “Mad Men” star signed on to the big screen drama to play Krissi Cates, a stripper harboring secrets about the death of the Day family, but the actress was later thrown for a loop when producers asked her to play an entirely different role on the first day of filming, reported Us magazine.

“I got there and was doing a hair and makeup test (as Krissi) and was putting on this long blonde wig, and then they said, ‘Charlize and Gilles (Paquet-Brenner, the director) would like to see you on set. And I thought, ‘Okay, they're not going to like the wig, I get it,'” Hendricks, 40, said. “They said, ‘We lost our Patty. And we were wondering if you want to play Patty Day instead of Krissi,'” Hendricks added. “I came about it in a very odd way … (and) it threw me for a loop, but it ended up working out.”

Theron, 39, appears in the film as Libby Day, who witnessed her family being murdered when she was just eight-year-old. Hendricks will play the mother to the younger version of Theron.

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