‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 7 Spoilers: Jax Teller to Face Consequences of Killing Jury, Juice’s Death Imminent?

“Sons of Anarchy” season 7 will return after the Thanksgiving break and final two episodes of the show will air on 2 Dec and 7 Dec. It is speculated when the show returns with the episode titled “Red Rose,” Jax Teller will have to bear the consequences of killing the SAMCRO president Jury. …read more

Bigg Boss 8: Friendships are tested as Upen, Sonali, Ali, Renee and Praneet bear the brunt on Day 64!

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Here’s what happened inside Salman Khan’s glass walled house today…

Relationships in the Bigg Boss house have seen their ups and downs. But in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss, the extent to which relationships had gone sour following Nigaar’s eviction became completely clear. Even as Nigaar stepped out of the house, the fight amongst contestants continued on as they all react strongly to what was said before host Salman Khan. Be it Ali for his brash behavior, or Diandra for her claims, every contestant found themselves in the line of fire.

As a brand-new day rises, the air of uncertainty and upheavals bore heavily on the minds of the contestants. The feeling that their friends are talking about them and saying some not-so-pleasant things remained on the top of their minds. But as the day progressed, the contestants learned to put that feeling behind them and charged on as the new week progressed in the Bigg Boss house.

As is norm, the day brought with itself the dreaded nominations. Twisting the story around a little, Bigg Boss asked contestants to step into the confession room and nominate one contestant that they would like to save from elimination. Most contestants, including Praneet, Ali, Sonali and Dimpy moved away from what is expected from them in terms of their friendships and tried to save those who they believed was the least manipulative. That some of the contestants were shocked by the results is an understatement. But the big twist came in when Bigg Boss asked captain Puneet to nominate the one contestant who he would like to nominate for eviction. While most expect Puneet to choose his least favourite contestant in the Bigg …read more

Diya Aur Baati Hum: Do you think the hijack plot in the show involving Sandhya and Maya is turning out to be a major snooze fest? Vote!

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While we are tired of seeing Maya play her aeroplane games and Sandhya dancing to her tunes in the prolonged hijack episode, we need your take on the same. Read on to know more…

BollywoodLife has been prompt in keeping its viewers updated on the daily happenings in the hit show Diya Aur Baati Hum starring Deepika Singh (Sandhya)and Anas Rashid (Sooraj ) Today for a change, instead of giving you details about what’s going to happen next, we are here to present our take on the hijack episode, which is being telecast currently.

The plot as of now is revolving around Maya (Gurdeep Kohli) who has hijacked a plane having Sandhya’s husband Sooraj and mother in law Bhabho ( Neelu Vaghela). Maya is threatening to kill Sandhya’s relatives (since quite a while now) until and unless they let go off Rajkumar, her peer and the person responsible for the attack held in Sandhya’s home town.

It has been more than a week, and the hijack episode continues. Where the whole idea of one seemed farfetched since its inception, it looks like the makers of the show aren’t willing to give it rest yet. We were hopeful that the saga would witness an end when Sooraj showed his heroic avatar, and managed to get Maya along with her associates Prema and Disha captured in the plane, ensuring the safety of the passengers. But Prema was seen tricking them by pulling off a fake stint and in no time, Maya was up and about, on a threatening spree again. Since then, it’s been a rat and mouse game with Sandhya and Maya, which unfortunately is …read more

‘The Voice’ Season 7 Live Streaming Information: Top 10 Contestants to Perform; Where to Watch Live Sows Week 3 Online

The competition has become tougher with just a few weeks to go before “The Voice” Season 7 winner is crowned. Now, the remaining top 10 contestants will perform live on stage again with the hope of advancing to next week’s episode. “The Voice” Season 7 Live Shows week three will be telecast at 8:00 pm EST on Monday on NBC Television and it can also be live-streamed online. …read more

Ek Hasina Thi: Will Dev succeed in heading the Goenka group of industries as the new chairperson?

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Dev has beaten Rajnath and has been elected as the new chairperson. Will he live up to everyone’s expectations? Read on to know more…

In the last episode, we saw Sakshi (Simone Singh), Dev (Bhuvnesh Mann), Rajnath (Ayun Khan), Suchitra and Durga (Sanjeeda Sheikh) attending the board meeting. Mr Bhattacharjee was seen stating that Dev holds 45 percent stakes in the industry hence is eligible being nominated for the post of the next chairperson for the Goenka group of industries. The voting session was held and Dev made a sweeping victory. The lad was declared as the next CP of the Goenka industries by Mr Bhattacharjee who also declared that Durga was made a new member of the committee as she holds 5 percent stakes in the industry. The episode ended with Rajnath being shocked and Sakshi confused about the incident.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Rajnath and Sakshi having a tiff over failing to gain Basu’s trust by using their daughter Kangana as their trump card. Dayal on the other hand will be seen taking Divya to an unknown place. Durga will be seen bringing Kangana to the venue and trying to make her see the truth about Karan and his past.

Will Dev succeed in heading the Goenka group of industries efficiently? Will Rajnath put down his resignation gracefully? Stay tuned to know the answers right here on BollwyoodLife!

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