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Movie Review: xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage
XXX-1 After the initial lull at the beginning of the year, we finally see the release of big ticket films. The first of which for the year being the Vin Diesel actioner XXX: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE. But will the film which is the third instalment in the XXX franchise woo the audience? Will the fact that the film features one of Bollywood most sought after names, Deepika Padukone, top lining its cast entice the Indian audience is what we analyse. XXX: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE starts off with the extreme athlete turned government operative Xander Cage (Vin Diesel), long thought to be dead coming out of a self-imposed exile to assist the CIA, in tracking down the killer of his erstwhile handler Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson). While on this mission, Cage realizes he is in a race against Xiang (Donnie Yen) to recover a powerful weapon known as ‘Pandora's Box' which can control military satellites which could cause catastrophic damage. Recruiting a group of thrill-seeking cohorts, Xander finds himself caught up in a deadly conspiracy of corruption among world governments including insiders in his own country's government. Will he manage to recover ‘Pandora's Box', will Cage and his motley crew survive the onslaught of government agents sent to kill them, is what forms the rest of the story. First things first, if you expect this film to be anything like the previous ones in the franchise, you will be disappointed. Unlike the previous films that featured action sequences right from the word go, XXX: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE starts off with the introduction of each character that will later play an important role in the film. In fact, though necessary, this introductory sequence that prolongs almost till the interval makes for a rather bland watch with more verbal banter than action. Director DJ Caruso has tried to liven things up a more

XXX : RETURN OF XANDER CAGE may be a celebrated escapism of international standards for the thinking audience but for fans of Deepika and Vin it has enough pleasing moments... more
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